Television Restarting Your Set-Top Box

Restarting Your LightWave Set-Top Box

step 1

To restart the set-top box, press and hold the POWER button for 15 seconds.
You will find the power button on the front or top of your set-top box.

step 2

When you let go of the power button, here's what should happen:
  • Your TV screen will go blank for a few seconds. If your TV screen doesn't turn off, go back to step one.
  • Don't press any buttons. Wait for the box to boot back-up. You will see a blue screen with LightWave appearing on the screen.
  • The screen will change back to live TV after 1-2 minutes.

If your screen has not changed after waiting at least 5 minutes,

contact customer support at 985-693-0123