Phone ​Placing a Long Distance Call

Placing a Long Distance Call

Company Code Dialing: 
Customers in this area now have the option of selecting a "preferred" long distance company for their "1+" and "0+" calling to points outside their Vision Calling zone.

You do not have to use the services of your preferred "1+" long distance company. Instead you can use Company Code Dialing.

Here's how it works:

Dial the seven or eight-digit code of the long distance company you wish to use (ex. Vision Long Distance 10105531). Then dial 1+ the area code (if needed) + the phone number for a direct dialed call or 0 + the area code (if needed) + the phone number for a credit card or collect call. Your call will be routed through the carrier (long distance company) you have selected.

Some of the following equal access long distance companies accept company code dialing without a previously arranged account. Some companies may require that you set up an account with them before you can use their code.

The Long Distance Carriers and telephone numbers are listed for your inquiries and complaints to any selected carrier.

This chart below is based on information available at publication of the 2010 directory. Some companies may no longer offer long distance service. Others may offer service, but may not wish to be listed.

Company NamesCompany CodesFor Information
AT&T1010288Bus 1-800-222-0400
Res 1-800-222-0300
CCC Global Com/Frontier1010444Bus 1-800-466-4600
Res 1-800-482-4848
Vision Long DistanceBus/Res 985-693-0123
ITC DeltaCom
*1010233Bus/Res 1-800-239-3000
Bus/Res 1-800-444-3333
Excel Telecommunications
Bus 1-800-209-8133
Res 1-800-875-9235
Quest Communications
Bus/Res 1-800-860-2255
Sprint1010333Bus 1-800-877-1991
Res 1-800-793-1159
Light year
Bus/Res 1-800-393-7300
World Com/Wiltel1010555Bus/Res 1-800-937-3735