Phone Call Center FAQs

Does my business need a Call Center?

  • Do you have a receptionist answering phones 24/7?
  • Is it important that your customers can reach you anytime or anywhere?
  • Is it important that your sales and service personnel be contacted with minimal wait and confusion?
  • Is accountability and communication crucial to customer service?
  • Does your customer want to know you are available anytime they call?
  • Need someone to dispatch?
  • Is technology a "big deal" in an answering service?

Technology is developed from a need or a method to do business more efficiently. Vision has been answering phones for over 70 years. Vision Call Center is utilizing a technology that is the most up-to-date the industry has to offer. Through our partnership with our customers who are utilizing our technology we are reducing their overhead, saving them money, and assisting their business to deliver its service.

Vision's Call Center technology stores the actual call that comes into our Call Center. These calls can be monitored and reviewed for quality assurance then faxed or e-mailed directly to your office via a .wav file or in the form of reports. Reports generated by our system can reference numerous types of information about the calls that come through your account. Our ability to review this information assures accuracy, quality of service, and proper billing. This also reinforces our partnership with you.

Is an account with Visions Call Center cost effective?

Vision's Call Center is not a traditional answering service. Our technology as well as our partnership with your company will assure you that you are getting your customer's calls. Our Call Center has methods and solutions to reduce operator time. Your customer calls are a valuable piece of your business, and in today's world, most companies need to be available 24/7. Vision's Call Center gives you and your customers the piece of mind that you are available and reachable 24/7. Each account can be set up for a personalized greeting and special instructions to be used with each call.

Fully Automated Accounts can be highly effective in reducing costs and our technology will ensure that your calls will be delivered properly. All fully automated accounts have the same benefits of "follow me", voice mail, automated greeting, and call statistics for report generating. Click here for more information on Vision Call Center's Fully Automated Account offerings.

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