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La Veillée on the Bayou

(pronounced vey-yay)

Monday-Sunday at 3:00pm
Tuesday at 6:00pm

Veillée is a term many Cajuns use when referring to "pass a good time with family and friends." This usually involves storytelling, cooking, singing and dancing.

We dedicate time on our channel to keep this tradition alive. You may see documentaries, middle school sports, community events, political forums, holiday festivities, and much more as we celebrate and preserve the Cajun heritage and culture.

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Game of the Week

Monday & Tuesday at 11:00am
Thursday at 7:00pm

From football, baseball and basketball to swimming and track, no one covers our local schools like Vision Communications. REV TV Ch 5 covers: SLHS, CLHS & Grand Isle High Schools

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Governmental & Municipalities

Lafourche Parish School Board, Greater Lafourche Port Commission and South Lafourche Levee District meetings air Monday at 6:00pm & Thursday at 10:30am.

Lafourche Parish Council meetings air Friday & Saturday at 6:00pm & Monday - Friday at 6:00am.

Other Programs

LA News Magazine

Wednesday at 5:30pm
Saturday & Sunday at 2:00pm

Stop by for a more in-depth look at the day’s top news story. This daily, one-hour news show is produced by Jerry Mayer. Learn More

This Week in Louisiana Agriculture (TWILA)

Saturday at 6:00am
Tuesday at 5:30pm
Friday 12:30pm

Each week, in this half-hour award-winning show, hosts Avery Davidson and Kristen Oaks, along with TWILA's team of producers and reporters; travel the state telling farmers' stories. Learn More

Bayou Wild

Saturday at 12:30pm
Sunday at 5:30pm
Tuesday at 2:00pm

Join hosts Don Dubuc & Captain Martha Spencer for a weekly outdoor show documenting the adventure, sportsmanship, & heritage that make us Bayou Wild! Bayou Wild TV airs new shows each week, 52 shows per year. Full episodes can also be viewed at or

Paradise Louisiana

Wednesday & Thursday at 6:30pm
Friday at 11:30am
Saturday at 6:00am
Sunday at Noon

Paradise Louisiana explores the treasures that Louisiana holds for men, women and youngsters of all ages. Outdoor enthusiast Gary Rispone host the show, with well-known outdoor celebrity Don Dubuc providing weekly reports.

South Louisiana Sports Scene

Tuesday at 8:30pm
Friday at 2:00pm
Saturday at 6:00pm

South Louisiana's sports scene is highlighted in this program produced by Robin Coco. Learn More

Cajun Livin' & Cookin'

Sunday at 1:00pm
Tuesday at 9:30pm
Thursday at 6:00pm

Cajun Livin' n Cookin' is dedicated to the Cajun way of life. We have the best food of any place on the planet. Combine this with our friendly fun lovin' people and you come up with a gumbo that just can't be beat. We are blessed with plentiful game and outdoor festivals. Our local chefs and restaurants are second to none. Our mission is to bring a glimpse of our culture and promote our local way of life to anyone who cares about good food and outdoor fun. Learn More

The Outdoor Kitchen Show

Friday at 10:30am
Saturday at 11:00am
Sunday at 9:00am
Thursday at 5:30pm

Host Marissa Turner brings you recipes that you can cook at home or at your camp and then takes you on outdoor adventures all over the south! Learn More

Keep on Castin’

Saturday at Noon
Sunday at 12:30pm
Monday at 5:30pm

Keep on Castin' is dedicated to displaying the quality fishing and hunting our great state has to offer, not only to the citizens of our state, but also to those that would desire to come to Louisiana and share our bountiful resources and culture. Keep on Castin' films mainly in south Louisiana in order to promote our Cajun culture and the fine cuisine. The co-hosts we have on our show are some of top guides and sportsman in their field. We will showcase everything from offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, to premiere bass and sac-a-lait fishing, and prime hunting.. Learn More

The Church International

Sunday at 10:30am & 10:00pm

The Church International is a multi-site church with the mission of "Becoming Conformed to the Image of Jesus Christ: His life, His mind, His mission, and His promises". Join us each week as our Senior Pastors Mark and Cindy Stermer share an inspirational word from God. Learn More

Ascension Outdoors

Tuesday at 10:30am & 10:00pm
Saturday at 6:30am & 5:30pm
Sunday at 11:30am

Goosie Guice and Lyle Johnson—Two brothers-in-law that have enjoyed each other's friendship and company in the outdoors for over 30 years and now enjoy making Ascension Parish's TV viewers a part of that experience. Goosie is a former state duck calling champion and currently writes a column in Ascension Magazine. Lyle currently writes a weekly outdoor column for the Gonzales Weekly, writes in the East Ascension Sportsman's League newspaper and several websites. Both have won Excellence in Craft awards for their writing and TV show.