Phone Long Distance

Long Distance

Vision LD is a local, price competitive long distance option that takes all the confusion out of your LD phone bill.

NO special times to call, NO hidden fees - just clear, dependable LD service at a reasonable rate.

Features offered:

Plan Rates

USA Only (including Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Marianas, Guam and American Samoa)

Platinum Plan

$7.49 monthly fee / per minute rate

Gold Plan

$3.49 monthly fee / 10¢ per minute rate

Basic Plan

No monthly fee / 13¢ per minute rate

Additional Rates

Operator Assistance

Station-to-Station or Person-to-Person operator assisted and non-customer dialed credit card calls $2.50 per call & 25¢ per minute. Collect or third-party billed calls: $5.00 per call & 25¢ per minute.

800 Number Service

$3.95 per month & 13¢ per minute USA only / Canada 26¢.

Custom 800 (Vanity) Number

$35.00 per number assigned.

Nationwide Directory Assistance

Billed Usage when placed from customer phone to Intrastate/IntraLATA Directory Assistance to 1(985) 555-1212 and other calls: $1.75 per call. Pay phone directory assistance: $1.75 per call.