Phone Calling Features

Call Waiting

Lets you know if another call is coming in while on the phone with another party. Enjoy the convenience of a second line at a fraction of the cost.

Call Return

Redials the last phone number that called you. No more missed calls because you couldn't get to the phone in time.

Call Forwarding

Allows you to leave your home without missing any calls by forwarding all calls to another number. Important calls will never be missed.

Repeat Dialing

Saves you time and energy by continuously dialing a busy line until it becomes free.

Three-Way Calling

Get more done when you add a third person to a local or long distance phone call.

Abbreviated Dialing

Prevents wrong numbers from being dialed by storing up to 30 of your most frequently called phone numbers.

Call Selector

Always know when someone important is calling you. Call Selector assigns a distinctive ring to up to eight specific callers.

Preferred Call Forwarding

Never miss important calls. Preferred Call Forwarding allows you the flexibility of automatically forwarding calls of up to eight specific numbers.

Call Block

Saves you the time and hassle by rejecting calls from up to eight different numbers.

Call Tracing

This service can assist authorities in tracing harassing calls.

Voice Mail

Voice mail answers you calls when you can't. Check you messages or change your greeting from any time, from any phone. Customers can select the following voice mail packages: economy, standard, tree-only, basic and information only voice mail.

Caller ID

Always know who's calling. Caller ID displays the name and number of the party calling.

Restricting Service

Prevent unwanted calls. Restrictive Service allows you to block the toll calls, 900-number calls, collect calls and third-party calls.

Time, Temperature & Weather

Allows you to call (985) 693-TIME to receive the current time, temperature and weather.