Policies Wire Protection Plan

Vision's Wire Protection Plan

Vision takes pride in keeping your service running smoothly, maintaining hundreds of miles of lines connecting thousands of homes and businesses throughout Louisiana. Once the wiring enters your house, however, it becomes your responsibility to maintain it. Repairs to this wiring could be costly unless you subscribe to Vision's Wire Protection Plan.

With this Service Plan, for a small monthly fee, should repairs become necessary to the telephone, data and/or video wiring, modular jacks and/or outlets within your home, a Vision technician will arrive and fix them.

Important information about Wire Protection Plan:

Under this plan, Vision does not repair sets or equipment related to your telephone, data and/or video service, so any maintenance needs on the equipment should be referred to the vendor or supplier.


Vision shall repair at no additional cost, the inside telephone, data and/or video wiring, jacks and/or outlets used to provide Vision telephone, data or video services that serve your residence.

A. This service is defined as consisting of the necessary adjustments and repairs of the inside wiring, jacks, and/or outlets including but not limited to the following:

  • Replacement of defective concealed inside wiring with concealed wiring whenever it is possible. Both Vision and the customer must agree on the location of and the method of replacement when concealed wiring is involved.
  • Replacement of defective jacks/outlets.
  • Identifying sub-standard inside wiring and jacks that are not in accordance with industry standards.
  • Determine and isolate trouble to customer-owned equipment (i.e., telephone sets, computers, etc.)

B. Maintenance service covered by this plan SHALL NOT INCLUDE the following:

  • Travel trailer, motor home, multi-unit dwelling, location and/or complex business installations. (Apartment complex, shopping malls, mobile home parks, etc.)
  • Repairing or replacing the inside wiring, jacks and/or outlets when rendered inoperative by Acts of God.
  • Re-running wiring under buildings.
  • Customer-owned equipment (i.e., surround sound, computer, TV, etc.).
  • Responsibility for any damages that may occur to customer owned and/or leased equipment due to wiring faults, shorts, grounds, etc.
  • Maintenance of attachments or other devices not approved and/or installed by Vision.
  • Repairs made necessary by misuse, willful neglect of customer, negligence of customer’s employees, agents, contractors or invitees.
  • Repairs made necessary by sub-standard, pre-existing wiring.
  • Outlets or wiring not activated or originally installed by an authorized Vision agent.

C. Customer shall provide safe and adequate working space, heat, light, ventilation, electric current and outlets for use by Vision at no charge to Vision.

D. Once Customer subscribes to Vision’s Wire Protection Plan, there is a 30-day waiting period before maintenance coverage begins.

Current monthly recurring maintenance charges:
  • Residential Service -- $4.35 per month, per household.
  • All charges for Wire Protection service are subject to change upon thirty (30) days written notice.
  • All charges are payable as specified on your Vision bill.
All terms and conditions for Wire Protection Plan are subject to change upon thirty (30) days written notice.

Vision will install new inside wiring, jacks, and/or outlets or repair sub-standard wiring not covered under this plan if the customer agrees to pay all appropriate premise work charges. To find out the premise work charges, you can call our business office at (985) 693-0123.