Policies 900 Pay per Call Services

900 Pay per Call Services

If you use 900 pay-per-call services, you have the following consumer rights as provided by the Federal Telephone Disclosure and Dispute Resolution Act.

You may contact our offices at 985-693-0123 and request free blocking of 900 calls from your home. You have 60 days after receiving a bill to dispute 900 pay-per-call errors. If you orally communicate an allegation of a 900 billing error by contacting our offices at 985-693-0123, it will be considered sufficient notification to initiate a billing review.

While errors are in review, you have the right to withhold payment for the disputed 900 charges. No collection activity will be brought against you for these charges while they are being investigated.

After investigation, if it is determined that the disputed 900 charges are legitimate, the long distance carrier or the information provider may start a collection process against your account. Your rights state that if either Vision Communications or the long distance carrier fails to follow the billing and collection procedures for 900 calls as provided by this Federal Communications Commission Act, we are obliged to forfeit any disputed amount, up to $50 per transaction.

Your local and/or long distance service cannot be disconnected if you fail to pay your 900 charges. The carrier has the right, however, to block your 900 access if you fail to pay for legitimate 900 charges.

You should not be billed for pay-per-call services that do not comply with federal laws and regulations.

Please call us at 985-693-0123 or visit our offices if you have any questions about your 900 pay-per-call services or rights.