Policies Rights to Privacy of Information

Rights to Privacy of Information

Customer Proprietary Network Information, or CPNI, relates to information on services we bill to you, including such things as the type and quantity of the services subscribed to, the equipment and facilities used, and the numbers, dates, times, and durations of the calls you place.

You have the right under federal law regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to restrict the use of CPNI data, and we have a responsibility to protect your data.

Vision Communications has adopted a policy, as allowed by the FCC, where we consider that all of our customers have consented to the use of their CPNI by us and our affiliated companies providing communications related services. This allows us to give you more personalized service and to offer you the products and services that may be of most use to you or provide cost savings.

If you wish to restrict the use of your CPNI data, you must contact us in one of two ways:

  1. Call our toll free number 1-866-743-9759
  2. Fill out the online CPNI Opt Out form.

Your restriction of this CPNI data will not affect the service or services to which you subscribe. This restriction of use of your CPNI data will remain valid until you contact us to change your selection.