Better Vision

Vision Is Investing In Upgrades To Improve The Communications Services We Provide To You.

More reliable power

We’ve added redundant power supplies and generators throughout our network. This means that we can power our services even if there is a local power failure. If your power goes out, our services may still work as long as your home or business has a back-up generator and we do not have network damage. In the event of a hurricane or other event that disrupts power, this will allow our customers who have a back-up power source to stay informed; stay connected to friends, family, and colleagues; and reach resources and assistance if needed.

Upgraded network for faster internet speeds

We’ve upgraded our core network to DOCSIS 3.0, which has significantly increased internet speeds throughout our service area for both residential and business customers. This means you can perform your online tasks more quickly and efficiently. While some of these increases are complete and have been announced, look forward to others still to come.

Extended fiber network

Fiber optic cable is the gold standard in the industry, providing the best and most advanced network available. We are in the process of extending our state-of-the-art fiber optic network to Port Fourchon, supporting this critically important economic engine for our region. This means optimum connectivity and speeds so the Port can perform its many vital functions with greater efficiency and maximum reliability. We will continue to strategically expand our fiber optic network to certain areas surrounding the Port and in other areas of our community to ensure we provide a first-class communications network.

Faster and more reliable Metro Ethernet network

We’ve invested in faster and more reliable Metro Ethernet services for our large business customers, with up to 10 Gbps now available. This means that business customers using the Metro Ethernet network can be confident in the stability and reliability of their Vision services and boost productivity by more quickly accomplishing essential online tasks such as processing transactions and staying connected to customers and suppliers.

Increased internet capacity

We’ve increased our total internet capacity to ten times its previous capacity and added redundant connections to create a seamless back-up system that eliminates or significantly reduces potential bottlenecks. This means more customers can access the Internet without experiencing frustrating delays or interruptions in service.

Improved TV Service

We’re improving our TV services by implementing Digital Television Adapter (DTA) technology. This means a better and more consistent picture quality, more HD channels at no additional cost, more video on demand (VOD) content, and more reliable and stable TV service overall. We are also working to add TV Everywhere, so you can watch TV on any internet-connected device that has a screen, including laptops, tablets and smart phones. By logging in to your Vision account, you will be able to watch many of your favorite programs from just about anywhere. Once fully implemented, this DTA transition will free up considerable bandwidth, providing our customers with even greater internet speed and capacity. Learn More