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La Veillée on the Bayou

(pronounced vey-yay)

Monday-Sunday at 3:00pm
Tuesday at 6:00pm

Veillee' is a term many Cajuns use when referring to "pass a good time with family and friends." This usually involves storytelling, cooking, singing and dancing.

We dedicate time on our channel to keep this tradition alive. You may see documentaries, middle school sports, community events, political forums, holiday festivities, and much more as we celebrate and preserve the Cajun heritage and culture.

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Game of the Week

Wednesday and Thursday at 7:00pm

From football, baseball and basketball to swimming and track, no one covers our local schools like Vision Communications. Vision Community Ch 5 covers: SLHS, CLHS & Grand Isle High Schools

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Governmental & Municipalities

Lafourche Parish School Board, Greater Lafourche Port Commission and South Lafourche Levee District meetings air Monday at 6:00pm with the newer meeting airing first.

Lafourche Parish Council meetings air Monday - Friday at 6:00am, Friday and Saturday at 6:00pm.

Other Programs

Castin' Cajun

Monday, Friday & Saturday at 11:00am
Tuesday at 9:30pm & Sunday at 10:30pm

Bringing you the best in South Louisiana's Bayou region salt and freshwater fishing! Hosted by Tony Fontenot and Dr. Lee "Bo" Grafton.

Paradise Louisiana

Saturday at 12:00pm, Sunday at 7:30pm,
Monday at 10:00pm & Wednesday at 2:00pm

Paradise Louisiana explores the treasures that Louisiana holds for men, women and youngsters of all ages. Outdoor enthusiast Gary Rispone host the show, with well-known outdoor celebrity Don Dubuc providing weekly reports.

Sports Shorts

Saturday at 6:30am, Sunday at 9:30pm,
Monday at 2:00pm & Tuesday at 8:30pm

Hosted by Ronnie Rantz and Chad Blouin. TV/Radio show covering LSU Baseball and Football.

Between the Banks

Monday & Friday at 1:30pm
Tuesday & Wednesday at 5:30pm
Thursday & Sunday at 6:00pm

Saturday at 6:00am

Captain Bob Gourgues host this popular weekly fishing program taped on location in the Southern part of Lafourche Parish near Leeville.

Movie Loft

Monday at 1:00pm
Friday at 1:00pm & 5:30pm
Saturday at 10:30am

Hosts Matty Blake and Dan Schaknerfeatures the latest blockbuster movies available this month on Vision On Demand Ch. 1.

Premium TV

Monday and Friday at 12:30pm
Sunday at 7:00pm

Host Tony Nation covers the best movies and series available each month on Vision Communications premium channels.

Tigers Roar

Saturday & Sunday at 1:00pm

Hosted by Tommy Krysan and Buzzy Haydel. Tigers Roar brings you information and insight each week on LSU and other sports important to our local Louisiana viewers.

LA Rider

Monday, Friday & Saturday at 11:30am
Tuesday at 10pm & Wednesday at 11pm

From test rides, product reviews to day rides, extended vacations and touring destinations–you'll see it on LA Rider. Plus, you'll find the latest safety information and riding tips, as well as feature stories on interesting people who ride motorcycles. Join Tammi Arender, Bob Courtney and the entire LA Rider gang each and every week as they explore the wonderful and exciting world of motorcycles.

This Week in Louisiana Agriculture (TWILA)

Monday & Saturday at 5:30pm
Tuesday & Friday at 2:00pm
Thursday & Sunday at 6:30pm

Each week, in this half-hour award-winning show, hosts Avery Davidson and Kristen Oaks, along with TWILA's team of producers and reporters; travel the state telling farmers' stories.

Brain Candy

Monday & Friday at 12:00pm
Tuesday at 10:30pm

Thursday at 5:30pm

Sunday at 11:30pm

Host Dan Schachner gives you a fast and fun rundown of all the educational programming available this month on Vision Communications.

Le' Sherif

Tuesday and Thursday at 2:55pm

A monthly safety show featuring the Lafourche Parish Sheriff's Office.

Cooking Up Louisiana Treasures

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday at 10:30pm

Learn how to connect with your local farmer and their fresh, local produce. Enjoy healthful, tasty meals as shown by Chef Celeste and Louisiana food advocates.