Television Vision On Demand

Vision On Demand

Choose from hundreds of movies & TV shows right from the comfort of your favorite chair. Pause, fast forward, or rewind just like any other rental.

How it works:

Step 1 Press the VOD button on your remote or tune to Ch. 1.
Step 2 Choose a category - then select a show or movie.
Step 3 Press play & watch!

No need to worry! You will receive a prompt to verify any purchase.

Movies On Demand

  • No more trips to the video store
  • Hundreds of titles available when you want them.
  • Just click, relax & enjoy
  • Some titles are offered before Redbox® and Netflix® dates, same day as the DVD release - some are even on VOD while in theaters.

Now Available On Demand

Events On Demand

Watch concerts, stand-up comedy specials and sporting events with Vision's Events On Demand. UFC On Demand is also available for both the casual and hardcore UFC fans.

Kids On Demand

Playtime is now all the time with Kids On Demand!
We have an entire section of programming dedicated to your little one! You kids can enjoy their favorite shows from KIDS Unlimited, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. and Disney Family Movies.

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FREE TV On Demand

Watch hundreds of hours of FREE Video On Demand programs from over 25 great networks like Cartoon Network, MTV, NFL Network, FX, and TBS! Get instant access to tons of free kids shows, drama, reality, comedy, sports, and more.™ turns flat TVs into digital picture frames for those times when the TV is not actively being watched. Each Ambient artwork is an original motion painting - not a static picture - produced specifically for the TV screen.

Caught On Demand

Caught On Demand™ consists of compelling; real-life video captured live from a multitude of sources, such as police car in-dash cameras. Topical and popular, this caught-on-tape style programming is very popular with key demographics, and is offered free to the consumer as a great introduction to On Demand.

The Karaoke Channel

The Karaoke Channel™ is ready when you are! Be a star in your own living room! Choose from hundreds tracks across 8 genres, all available for you to sing on demand. Enjoy everyone's favorite pastime in the comfort of your own home.