Faster Internet

Bringing You a Better Vision – Faster Internet Speeds Are Here!

As a part of our on-going initiative to provide better Vision services, we have recently upgraded our network and now offer faster internet speeds.

We are also introducing a new, Ultimate package that boasts speeds up to 100Mbps! That’s 4 times faster than our previous top speed. See our speed comparison chart below for more details.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Some Premium Plan customers have older model modems that will not fully support the higher speeds. These customers have been contacted through direct mail with instructions on how to upgrade their equipment. If you are a Premium customer who hasn’t received a postcard and are unsure about your modem’s capabilities, you can contact customer support at (985) 693-0123.

Have questions about our speed increase? Many can be answered here.

Your speed has increased:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do anything to get the new speeds?

It depends. Most customers have a suitable modem and will automatically receive the speed increase with no action required. If you are a Premium customer and have an outdated modem you may not realize the full speed increase and will need to replace your modem.

Premium customers with older, inadequate modems have been contacted via direct mail. If you are a Premium customer and haven’t received a postcard informing you of your need to replace your modem and are unsure about your modem’s capabilities, you can contact customer support at (985) 693-0123

If I currently rent a modem from Vision and it is not capable of handling the higher speeds, will the newer modem I exchange it for cost me more per month?

No, the monthly rental cost will not increase when you exchange your older modem for the newer model.

If I purchased my current modem and it is not capable of handling the higher speeds, can I rent a more powerful modem as opposed to buying another one?

Yes. You have the choice of purchasing a newer modem for $110 or renting one at the cost of $4.99 per month.

If I have to purchase a new modem, will I have to pay up front or can the amount be added to my next bill?

You can either pay over the phone with a credit card or have it added to your next billing statement.

I need to replace my modem but I live far from the Vision service center. Can you ship one to me?

Yes. We can ship a modem to you if you live outside of Larose. Contact us at (985) 693-0123 to arrange for shipping.

What if I need help installing the new equipment?

If installation assistance is needed, please call (985) 693-0123 and our customer support team will help you connect the modem over the phone.

*4x faster speed refers to the new Ultimate package compared to the previous highest speed available. The amount of increase in speed will depend on the Residential Internet plan subscription. Download and upload speeds shown are “up to” with no minimum level of speeds guaranteed. Wired connection and appropriate equipment are required to consistently get the maximum speed. Some customers may not qualify due to equipment limitations.